Network Security

In the IT security field, a central dogma of the industry is as such:

Compliance ≠ Security

With experience securing government networks, Dawaii understands the critical sensitivity of protecting your protected health information (PHI) and maitaining your patients right to confidentiality. By law greater than 500 violations must be not only relayed to the DHHS, but also local media outlets. Such press can ruin your practice and reputation. Protect yourself by knowing where your technology infrastructure stands.

Dawaii will put your infrastructure (and employees) through a vigorous test, share the results, and secure and educate the network users on proper computing practices. With more and more networks being compromised and information being leaked, the right planning and action will solve one less liablility you need to think about.

Contact us to discuss advanced security management like two factor authentication into your network to protect your PHI today.