EHR Services

Services Provided:

  • EHR Software Selection Assitance
  • Stimulus Recovery
  • Implementation/Project Managment
  • Work Flow Design (Operating procedures with software in use)
  • Data Conversion
  • Orders and Labs Interfaces
  • Software Stabilization

The market has now been flooded with hundreds of vendors selling EHR software, so how do you know which software is right for your practice?

Leverage the industry experience of Dawaii Technologies to assist with the selection of the right EHR software. We will work with your practice to gain a profound understanding of its workflow and recommend where the proper use of technology will allow you, the provider, to spend more time on the quality of care for your patients.

Based on our open source philosophy, there are FREE certified meaningful use solutions. Vendor lock-ins and steep yearly support contracts can come with various vendors. Make sure your data is yours even if you choose to change software vendors down the road!

Contact us today for support and implemntation assistance today. Making the right choice for your practice will make all the difference for you and your staff!